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Winter Maintenance Tips & Tools

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While getting out into the garden mightn’t be your first thought during the cold winter months, we’re probably all in agreement that there are certain things that you really need to get done, come hail or shine. Lower temperatures can leave us yearning to cosy in by the fireside of a weekend. At the same time, we have that little voice that reminds us that those leaves won’t rake themselves, the snow won’t shift alone, the lawn needs spiking, and of course the cars and the patios need washing.

When it comes to such tasks, never fear, M&T are here to help. Here are just four great suggestions we have to make your winter maintenance a whole lot easier and a whole lot more pleasurable:

  1. Check out this leaf rake to clear the autumn leaves. This Faithfull Countryman Leaf Rake is a lightweight and efficient leaf rake with flat plastic tines that are ideal for gathering leaves without damaging your lawn. It boasts a wide blade and twenty large tines which makes it perfect for newly fallen leaves. It comes with a European Ash handle (supplied from FSC® sustainable resources) that’s lacquered for protection and fitted with a foam handle for comfort and protection from the cold. This leaf rake is perfect for the tasks at hand right now but will see you through every season for many years to come.

  2. And what about this Faithfull Shovel for lifting leaves, shifting snow and turning soil? This shovel is pressed from high quality steel and fitted with a graded wooden shaft that’s socket polished, making it comfortable and able to stand up to whatever the weather wants to throw at it.

  3. And of course there’s this Faithfull Countryman fork to spike lawn. The Faithfull Countryman Border Fork is the perfect choice when planning to spike your lawn in wintertime. The small head on this rake makes it ideal for anyone who finds larger tools difficult to use because of the weight. The head is manufactured from heat treated (hardened) carbon steel to provide both strength and durability, its powder coated finish helps combat rust, scratches, humidity and reactions to alkaline in the soil. It’s fitted with a double riveted, European Ash handle (again supplied from FSC® sustainable resources) that’s lacquered for protection against the weather and fitted with an ergonomic soft grip. The angled hilts have been designed so that your hand remains in a natural position, reducing strain, and sets the blade at the ideal digging angle to reduce back strain.

  4. And if it’s a reliable, top quality hose & attachments for washing cars and patios you’re looking for, look no further. Click the link to check out this superior quality flexible PVC hose that’s made from polyester fibre that’s been reinforced for extra strength. This hose is kink-resistant and easy-to-clean meaning you won’t become a slave to it twisting and turning every time you move.

And of course, don’t forget that while these tools will make this year’s winter maintenance a whole lot easier, they are built to last and will therefore give you years of dependable service and peace of mind.

You can check all of our landscaping tools and equipment right here and of course, you can order online for fast local delivery or opt for click and collect in store – whichever works best for you is just perfect for us.

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