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Why Buying From Your Local Builders Merchants is Better

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If you’re on the lookout for DIY supplies or materials for your building company, from a builders’ merchant near you, look no further. When it comes to ordering supplies, the temptation is always to go to the same place – whether it’s good or bad. The other temptation is to turn to Google and search for the cheapest option – which often results in disappointment. At M&T Builders Merchants, not only are we near you, but we’re working to make this community an even better place. That’s why we’ve decided to share with you 8 great reasons why buying from your local builders’ merchants is better.

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1. Buying from builders’ merchants near you supports a local business.
We all know that our community benefits from thriving businesses. They keep our streets occupied and offer a convenient and friendly solution. Yet we sometimes look further afield through reasons of habit or to save a couple of pounds. Maybe now is the time to rethink your habits or check out our prices, which we think may surprise you.

2. Items are often hard to find elsewhere. As a builders merchant near you, we know what locals want and buy. We keep a close eye on trends that are happening in our area, not in the country at large or in areas that might be facing completely different building challenges and trends than we are. That’s why we do all we can to make sure we have what you’re looking for in stock.

3. Surprisingly, local prices can be lower. It may surprise you, but buying at your local builders’ merchants can often pan out cheaper in the long run. When you add in errors that you might make by buying online or not taking full account of quality, costs can escalate out of control. At M&T we have developed good relationships with our suppliers, so we often have the clout to negotiate significant savings which we’re able to pass on to you.

4. Buying from your local builders’ merchants helps the local economy. It sounds obvious, but a thriving local business is good for the local economy. We employ local people; pay our local taxes and help keep the wheels of the area turning.

5. You can establish long-term supplier/buyer relationships. What would you rather? A frustrating online ordering service, followed up by hours spent on the phone because of an error, or a friendly face that helps you make the right decisions for your building needs. Yes, we have an online option, but it’s backed by real people who have your back and are here to help you without needing order numbers, account numbers or jumping through other hoops.

6. Local businesses are often more trusted and can offer advice. If you’re a relative novice DIY-er, no amount of online articles or research will ever replace good, sound advice delivered by an experienced person who understands your project. And that’s what you get here every time.

7. It’s greener – local delivery cuts fuel usage significantly compared to national or international delivery. When you buy from M&T and include delivery, you’re guaranteed we’re not driving 300 miles to get your supplies to you – because we’re local. What’s more, we plan our deliveries so they’re logical and respect the need to protect the world we live in.

8. Buying locally contributes to a thriving community network. Community is important to all of us. Whether it’s sending your kids to the local school, shopping in the local shops or being a loyal member of the local golf club, it helps us all co-habit and benefit from each other.

Try us out for yourself! You can order online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and either opt for Click and Collect or local delivery. It really doesn’t get much better than that. Go on, have a look around right now.

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