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Our Online Store Has Been Expanded

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We wanted to share a few categories within the online store with you that have recently been expanded with more products. All the new products added will help you if you’re looking to improve your home or garden going into spring and beyond. Irrespective of whether you’re building or repairing gates and fences, reroofing sheds...or doing anything else on the DIY front, we’re here for you.

Here are just some of the updates that are well worth checking out right now – but do keep coming back, because we’re constantly updating our online store:

Building Materials 

The feedback we’ve had about our website is that you love the convenience of being able to order the building materials you need at any time, night and day. Some of you opt for Click and Collect, others prefer local delivery. Either way, there are three things you’ve been asking us for on a regular basis and they are: building chemicals, concrete lintels, and silicones, adhesives and foams. That’s why we’ve added new categories to our online store to include these items. You can find the building chemicals right here, the concrete lintels here and a great selection of silicones, adhesives and foams here. Check them out for yourself and don’t forget that you can order and pay online at a time that’s convenient for you.

Landscaping products

If you’re busy on landscaping jobs right now, and let’s face it, who isn’t, then you’re more than likely replacing or maintaining fences and gates as part of your work. Now is the perfect time to be checking and repairing hardware. So, we’ve added a new category with gate hardware. You can find this new category here – and don’t forget you can order online to save you waiting in store.

Roofing supplies

This is something we sell in-store all year round. Sometimes you need supplies for an emergency repair, other times it’s for maintenance. Either way, bitumen is likely to be on your list. No matter whether it’s bitumen paint, tape, coatings or primers, the good news is that you can now order online right here.


When it comes to timber, right from the start we’ve had a good range in our online store, however, something many of you have been asking us to put online is stripwood. And, you know us at M&T - when you talk, we listen, so the good news is that you can now buy stripwood online here.

Screws & fixings

We know that screws and fixings are essential parts of any successful DIY job and that’s why we’ve set up this category - and don’t worry – there’s more to come so keep checking back in with us.

So, what are you waiting for? No matter what your DIY project is, we can help. You can buy your supplies online, and don’t forget that the team in store is here to help you if you need advice and guidance. Check out our store and order online right now.

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