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This Month's Top 5 Recommended Landscaping Products

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Certain DIY jobs and building jobs can be cyclical, and right now, landscaping products are in big demand. There are certain times of the year when there’s a window of opportunity to get a job done. We get that, and that’s why we ensure our warehouse and online store are stocked with all the products you’re likely to need.

Of course, our stocks across the board are kept high all year round, but we try always to make sure that we have the seasonal products you’re looking for in stock when you need them. Here are just some of the things which are in big demand right now:


When it comes to gravel, it can be a tricky purchase. Normally you want or need quite a bit of it to get your job done, which means that getting it from store to home can be an issue. At M&T we understand. One big difference is that we can deliver our local quarried gravels loose-tipped to your home. This saves shovelling out of bulk bags, saving a lot of time and effort. We can offer this option on the 10mm, 20mm gravels, 20mm Quartz and the 20mm Red Whin which you can check out right here.


At M&T we know that fencing in Scotland takes a bit of a hammering when it comes to the weather. That’s why we’ve chosen fencing products that are robust, high quality and that will stand up to whatever the weather chooses to throw at it. No matter whether you’re looking to repair an existing fence or build a brand new one, we’re here to help. Check out our stock online and place your order or come into our store if you need help and advice.


Springtime is the perfect time to make sure your outdoor living space is in good shape for the summer months ahead. That’s why we like to make sure we can support you in getting your decking ship-shape for all the family and friends al fresco dining events you’re looking forward to - not to mention those special quiet moments alone with a wine or a coffee. If you’re planning some decking work, take a few moments to have a look at our online stock right here. Order now, or pop into the store and we can help you.

Paving and slabs

No matter whether you’re planning a brand new paved or slabbed area or you’re repairing an existing one, having the right materials on hand makes the job so much easier. When it comes to paving and slabs, it can be hard work, but with M&T on side, we can help make things a whole lot easier. From choosing your materials online at a time convenient to you, through to local delivery, we’ll remove a lot of the heavy lifting for you. You’ll find our paving and slabs right here, and don’t forget the team is just a phone call away if you need help or advice.


Timber is one of those landscaping products that has so many uses that it’s almost impossible to second guess why you might be in the market for a supplier who’s focused on quality. When it comes to timber selection, at M&T we’ve been in business since 1978 so we’ve been around the block when it comes to choosing quality suppliers.

We know that landscaping timber in Scotland is regularly put through its paces – particularly when used outdoors. That’s why we make a point of selecting only the finest quality timber. Then of course, we use our buying power to negotiate the best deal so we can sell it to you at great prices. Add to this the M&T service you have grown to expect, plus our local delivery options and you soon see why we’re lots of people’s preferred timber supplier. Check out our online stocks for yourself now.

When it comes to landscaping products, we’ve chosen just 5 to share with you here, but we have a whole host of others in stock for you. They’re here, ready to be ordered online for Click and Collect or for delivery to you.

At M&T we are your landscaping partner. Check out our online store and get your order in now.

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