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Irrespective of whether you’re a big ‘gardener’ or not, there are great reasons to keep a close eye on your fence. It’s all too easy to get engrossed in making sure your lawns are Wimbledon perfect and your beds are weed-free, and then forget to give your fence the attention it deserves. The marker of your boundaries and the security agent that keeps your family and home safe at night as well as when you’re away, there are lots of good reasons to give your fence a bit of TLC. And winter is a great time to do that.

Mark your territory and provide a focal point

The thing about fencing is that it is the only thing that marks out clearly where your property begins and ends. In olden times, this would have been a really good reason in itself to keep a close eye on it.  Today, we tend to look more to the ground than our fences when we think about making our outside space beautiful, and that’s a real shame.

The right fencing can provide a fabulous focal point for your garden. It can enhance your garden horizon, rather than detract from all your efforts on the ground. So why do so many people leave their fences to the point of decay and decline? The reason we hear most often at M&T is that new, flashy fencing is too expensive. But it needn’t be that way. 

Fencing slats are affordable, attractive and effective. Using them to either repair your existing fence or to create a new alternative can look stunning and needn’t break the bank.

Provide security and privacy

Even if it’s not aesthetic reasons that drive you to look after your fence, there are two other reasons to give it the attention it deserves. The first is security and the second is privacy. 

While not wanting to scare you, a decent fence is a good deterrent when it comes to chance burglaries and intrusions. It would take a courageous or professional burglar to chance a 2m fence, not knowing exactly what’s on the other side. 

The other advantage is privacy. With more and more of us spending quality time outside, do you really want the neighbours knowing exactly what you’re putting on the barbecue?  No, we thought not. This is why checking your fence and making sure it’s in good order makes great sense.

It’s for all these reasons (and a whole lot more) that at M&T we make sure we always have a good stock of fencing slats in stock and in store, either ready to deliver or get picked up by you. You can check them out for yourself right here. And don’t forget, if you live locally, you can take advantage of our local delivery, so you don’t need to worry about hiring a van or how on earth you’re going to secure them on the roof of your car.

All you need to do is pop into our store or order online where you can either choose click and collect or local delivery. That way, you’re well on your way to making sure your outside space looks great and gives you the security and privacy you deserve.

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