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Now is a great time to get outdoors and set your garden to right for the year ahead. And don’t worry, getting outside in the colder months needn’t be a chore if you wrap up well and make sure you’ve got warm clothes on. Choose a bright sunny day and you’ll even get a bonus hit of vitamin D.

One of the things that our customers tend to do in the winter months is refresh or re-design their hard landscaping. Things like walkways, non-planted borders and defining outdoor spaces are what they turn their attention to. This is where decorative aggregates really come into their own. A fast, affordable and stunning way to transform your outdoor space, at M&T we know the fabulous job decorative aggregates can do, which is why we make it our business to always have a great range in stock.

Decorative aggregates – a fast and fabulous garden transformation

Decorative aggregates are the ideal way to define areas in your garden. They help you create areas that you want to stand out yet be low maintenance at the same time. When you cover the ground with decorative aggregates, you help keep that ground weed free and make what’s around it really shine. They are also a really good way to enhance a statement flower bed or to define a lawn area. Decorative aggregates are also ideal for creating walkways and paths – fast.

Whenever you’re searching for ‘decorative aggregates near me’, at M&T we have a great range in stock. You can choose from:

Light and bright decorative aggregates

If you feel as if your garden is looking gloomy and in need of brightening up, check out these Cotswold chips, these Onyx chips or these stunning Polar White chips. We’ve seen each of these used to speedily transform small, dark, gloomy outdoor spaces into bright, inviting havens that have a real illusion of space.

Natural and neutral decorative aggregates

If you’re more into natural and neutral shades, you can’t go wrong with these Flamingo chips or this Golden Flint option. Reminiscent of trips to the coast, both options will add a stunning finishing touch to your garden by giving it a sunny feel, no matter what the weather brings.

Decorative aggregates with a bit of a designer edge

And finally, if you’re looking for something a bit more cutting edge, a bit more modern, more “designer” check out these Blue Slate Chips and these Plum Slate Chips. Incorporate either of these two into your garden design and you’ll see a real transformation – no matter whether you’re going all-out modern or blending modern with more traditional, these are a great idea.

Where can I buy decorative aggregates near me?

You can buy them right here, right now. At M&T we sell decorative aggregates in bulk bags but can also deliver them loose directly to you. When it comes to sourcing, we source where we can from local quarries and stock decorative aggregates that are brought into stock in bulk bags and then stored loose in our yard bays. What this means is that you don’t only get great service and choice at M&T, you can choose with a clear conscience.

If you’re planning to transform your garden, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get your project moving. Order online now for pickup or local delivery or call into the store.

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