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Regular readers of our News articles will know that we’ve invested heavily in our new online store to make sure it’s the ‘go to’ place for our building materials customers in Helensburgh – old and new. We hope that you’re enjoying our new website, you are finding what you need there easily and enjoying the convenience of 24/7 ordering. But we also want to remind you that there is loads more in store.

What do we mean by loads more in store? What we mean is that even though there’s already a lot to choose from in our online store, there is even more stock and choice in-store. While we’re committed to getting more and more of our products online, there’s still a wider choice in our store on Charlotte Street in Helensburgh.

Great Reasons to Shop Online

There are always great reasons to shop online. Convenience is one. There’s no getting away from the luxury of knowing you can order your building materials and supplies at 11 o’clock at night if you want to or at 5 in the morning if that’s what floats your boat. No matter whether you choose to click and collect or local delivery, it means that you can score another thing off your To Do List outside of working hours, which is always a real bonus.

With our new online store, we’ve tried to make your buying experience as easy and pleasurable as possible, by making products fast to find and creating a secure and seamless checkout. What this means is that you can more than likely sort out most of your purchases online. However, there are also great reasons to come and see us in-store.

Great Reasons to Shop In-store

Our store in Charlotte Street in Helensburgh truly is an Aladdin’s cave of building and DIY goodies and also the place where you get access to our team. In-store we receive deliveries of new stock items pretty much every day, making it impossible to get everything online. That’s why coming into the store is such a good idea, as you’ll see solutions to your building dilemmas that you mightn’t even have thought about. And then, of course, there’s our team. We’re ever so proud of our team – and our customers tell us we’ve got good reason to be. Not only do they have decades of building experience, but they’re also a friendly bunch – and always keen to share their knowledge.

Now’s the Time to Get the Best of Both Worlds

So yes, shopping for your building materials and supplies online is definitely convenient but coming in-store is a great experience too. Why not do both? You could shop for bulky items or things you know you need online and come in-store when you need inspiration and support. We’d love to see you either way. Do you need help or support right now? Either visit us in-store or get in touch. We’re here for you.

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